A core function of APEBC is to host regular luncheons that feature keynote speakers on a broad range of topics of interest to business economists.

Upcoming Events

Patricia Mohr (2018-02-15) Vancouver

Over the past 18 months, there has been a marked pickup in commodity prices globally. Patricia Mohr will touch on the economic & financial market developments impacting the price outlook for key base metals, oil and forest products that are of particular interest...

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Recent Events

David Green (2018-01-24) Vancouver

David Green is a professor in and director of the Vancouver School of Economics at UBC and an International Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London. As a researcher, Professor Green is ranked in the top four percent of economists worldwide. He is a former...

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Timothy Lane (2017-10-25) Vancouver

Following the Bank of Canada’s interest rate announcement, the Association of Professional Economists of B.C. will host Deputy Governor Timothy Lane to discuss the Governing Council’s latest Canadian economic outlook, and its assessment of risks. Date and Time:...

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Lillian Hallin (Vancouver) 2017-09-20

The BC Input-Output (BCIOM) model is a key tool for assessing the economic impacts of policy decisions and allowing alternative projects to be compared against one another to inform decision making. Lillian Hallin has worked at BC Stats since 1985 where she has been...

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Lawrence Schembri (Vancouver) 2017-04-11

Following the Bank of Canada’s interest rate announcement that morning, Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri will discuss the Governing Council’s latest Canadian economic outlook, and its assessment of risks. Lawrence Schembri was appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank of...

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Paul Nursey (Victoria) 2017-04-26

The Tourism Industry is back and growing rapidly.  With no let-up in site.  Come meet Tourism Victoria CEO Paul Nursey and enjoy an informative talk behind the drivers of this resurgence. Paul Nursey joined Tourism Victoria in January 2014. He is an experienced and...

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Aldyen Donnelly (Vancouver) 2017-05-10

In December, 2017, the Government of Canada and most provinces agreed to a "minimum national carbon price" policy. Ms. Donnelly will speak about what this "carbon price" likely does and does not mean in the context of Canada's Paris Agreement commitments and changes...

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Mike Nugent (Victoria) 2017-03-19

Victoria saw record-smashing property sales in 2016, and the CMHC recently warned of moderate signs that the Victoria market is overvalued. Come get insights into the Victoria market from Mike Nugent, Associate Broker with DFH Real Estate and Past-President of the...

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Dr. Kevin Milligan (Vancouver) 2017-03-30

In recent years, there has been a move to consider replacing or augmenting a large number of social programs with a simple basic income for everyone with appropriate adjustments to tax and transfer programs. While there are many strong advocates for the program, many...

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