DOWNLOAD - "Mass Immigration and Big Government" and APEBC Annual General Meeting

Join us as APEBC presents Herbert Grubel and his research on the fiscal impacts of immigration on the federal government.

The 2011 National Household Survey produced by the government of Canada contains data showing that the average incomes and taxes paid by recent immigrants (since the middle 1980s) are much below the averages of other Canadians. Reasonable assumptions about the value of the government services absorbed by these recent immigrants suggest that they imposed a cost of $5,347 each in 2011. Given the number of recent immigrants, the fiscal burden comes to about $30 billion annually in recent years.

The study presenting these findings is co-authored by Patrick Grady and published by the Fraser Institute (link). It contains much basic information about the income profiles of immigrants as a function of their presence in Canada, about the different government services absorbed by them and other data in support of the basic findings.

The paper recommends changes to the existing immigrant selection program, making admission dependent upon having an employment contract at certain minimum wages rather than meeting existing standards for educational attainment and language proficiency, which have resulted in the poor economic performance of recent immigrants.

Herbert Grubel

Professor Emeritus, SFU and Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Herbert G. Grubel is Professor of Economics (Emeritus) at Simon Fraser University and a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was educated in Germany and the United States, earning a PhD in Economics from Yale University in 1963. He has had teaching and research positions at Yale, Stanford, Chicago, Pennsylvania, the US Treasury, Berlin, Singapore, Cape Town, Nairobi, Oxford, Canberra and Bologna.

He was a Reform Party Member of Parliament in Ottawa from 1993 to 1997, serving as the Finance Critic from 1995 to 1997. He has published numerous books, articles and opinion pieces covering issues in international monetary policy, trade, fiscal policy, immigration and regulation.

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Friday, June 9, 2017
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