Crystal Ball Award

Each year the Association of Professional Economists of B.C. conducts a contest to determine the best forecaster (seer, diviner, crystal-gazer, tea leaf reader) among its members. Participants are required to forecast selected eight national economic indicators for the current year and the person coming closest is declared winner. The winner receives the coveted and prestigious Crystal Ball Award and a bottle of liquid inspiration (or comparable gift).

Submissions for the 2019 Crystal Ball Award must be received by November 22, 2019.  Download your ballot today.

For 2017, APEBC’s Crystal Ball Award Winner is Bryan Yu, and the runner-up is Shahin Golestani.

Past Crystal Ball Award Winners

1975 D. Hildebrand
1976 B.W. Mayhew
1977 J.P. Angus
1978 R. Kunin
1979 Mac D. Campbell
1980 J.P. Angus
1981 C. McCullough
1982 J.P. Angus
1983 Sally Pipes
1985 Robyn Allan
1986 Rockey Mirza
1987 R. Kunin
1988 John DeWolfe
1989 Denise Taylor Ellis
1990 Ron Pepper
1991 Mac D. Campbell
1992 Helmut Pastrick
1993 Helmut Pastrick
1994 Helmut Pastrick
1995 Helmut Pastrick
1996 Brent Sutton
1997 Helmut Pastrick
1998 R. Kunin
1999 Helmut Pastrick
2000 William Tharp
2001 William Tharp
2002 Greg Taylor
2003 Ken Peacock/Jock Finlayson
2004 Don Laishley
2005 Charles King
2006 David Hobden
2007 Kim Burkhardt
2008 Bernie Magnan
2009 Kevin Koch
2010 Brendon Ogmundson
2011 Diego Mesa Puyo
2012 Brendon Ogmundson
2013 Shahin Golestani
2016 Shahin Golestani (runner-up = Jock Finlayson)
2017 Bryan Yu (runner-up = Shahin Golestani)

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